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Is “Hashing” for Me? – Take this Quick Test to Find Out

Hashing is not for everyone.  We run (and walk) around in the woods and through neighborhoods, following a flour and chalk trail searching for beer.  Then we gather in circle and act like a bunch of college frat boys.  So here’s a quick test to see if hashing is for you:

Answer YES or No to each question and then add up your score below.

The ubiquitous red Solo cup
red Solo cup

1. I enjoy adult beverages. OR  – I don’t, but I’m cool with
watching others consume them.  A lot.

(+10 points for YES, – 20 for NO)

2. “Bad” words and sexual innuendoes make me uncomfortable.
(-20 points for YES, +10 for NO)

3.  I enjoy (any of the following):  video games,  attending any kind of “Con” event;  AnimeCon, ComicCon, etc, comic books, super heroes, Sci Fi, or otherwise identify myself as a nerd/geek.
(+10 points for YES, – 10 for NO)

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