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101+ Symptoms of “Hash Addiction.”

1.  You see a guy in a dress (are not shocked) and immediately check your mobile calendar to see which dress run you missed.

2.  When finishing a beer you feel compelled to turn the container upside down on your head.

Rektal Spielunker
3. Your knees look like this.

4. You have more sidewalk chalk then your kids.

5.  You have a vessel at the ready, no matter the occasion.

6. You place your coffee cup on your head to be recognized in business meetings.

7.  You yell ON-ON at your kids and expect them to follow AND On-In when it’s time to come in for dinner.

8.  You start any retort with, “Pint of Lager…”

9. You get excited when flour goes on sale in either 25 or 50 lb bags.  

10.   You snicker at work anytime someone says head…  (Head?  Who said head?)

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